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Christmas Drinking

No other time celebrates the gift of wine like Christmas. But sometimes choosing a bottle can feel like a thankless task.

Start with bubbles. A light Champagne or a good sparkling wine is great as an aperitif and mood lightener. Mayerling Cremant d'Alsace Brut is my choice - it's minerality and slightly honeyed notes are perfect to set the day off.

Even with the best cooking techniques, turkey can be dry in texture, so the solutions are white wines such as Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs from Chile and New Zealand or a good Chenin Blanc (False Bay Chenin Blanc is my choice).

Reds are a little essier. The rule is pretty much to stick to anything low in tannins. Gamay or Pinot Noir is a good place to start - any of the Beaujolais Crus, such as Fleurie and Beaujolais Villages will suit. Or Byron Bay Pinot Noir from California if you prefer New World wine.

Pudding is simple. Torres Floralis is suitable for Christmas pudding and will also work well with blue cheese. Port is also a good match, tawny or ruby, depending on your preference.

Happy drinking!